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Cambridge Guys 17 Aug, 18:52
❗️Learn English with Movies

🎞Adam Levine | The Ellen Show
Cambridge Guys 17 Aug, 09:01
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Cambridge Guys 17 Aug, 09:01
🎧Expressions with the Word "Bag"

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Cambridge Guys 17 Aug, 09:00
🎧Band 9 IELTS Part 2 Answers About Admired Artists🔝 IELTS Energy Podcasts
🌐 ( American Accent )
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Cambridge Guys 17 Aug, 08:59
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Cambridge Guys 17 Aug, 08:59
🎧Episode 42: The Theatre🔝English in 10 Minutes

Our last guest Sarah is back for another chat. In this conversation, she talks about her love for the theatre in all its forms, including ballet and Pantomime.

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Cambridge Guys 17 Aug, 08:58
A few years back 3D printing was seen as the ground-breaking technology that promised a new industrial revolution. The revolution has not arrived yet. So, were we sold a lie? Or did the hype just get the better of us? Ed Butler talks to Sarah Boisvert, a co-founder at Potomac Photonics, a micro-fabrication company in the US. She explains why the buzz about 3D printing, invented back in 1980, really started to take off only some five or six years ago. She says that the 3D revolution is not untrue, it's just that the hype around it kicked in a little too soon. Ed also visits a start up called Climate Edge which manufactures meteorological equipment and supplies weather data for farmers in Africa. And without printers like this one, its lead designer Gabriel Bruckner says, it probably wouldn't exist. The US research and advisory firm, Gartner has coined the term "The Hype Cycle", describing a five-stage process around any new technology, which invariably seems to involve disillusionment before ultimate widescale adoption. Pete Basiliere of Gartner believes 3D printing is a classic case in point, with only a few industries taking it up. 
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Cambridge Guys 17 Aug, 08:58
🎧Has 3D printing met the hype?🔝 Business Daily Podcasts from BBC world Service
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Cambridge Guys 17 Aug, 08:41
🔍Learn Vocabulary from the lesson!

▪️Have a crush

I've kind of got a crush on her.

A crush is a very strong temporary feeling of liking someone. We often use this phrase to talk about someone we know, but not very well. Notice the following:

▫️She has a crush on one of her professors at school.

▫️I kind of have a crush on this girl in my English class.

▪️Come on

Ah, come on!

When someone says something that's difficult to believe we respond with 'come on'. It's very informal. Here are two samples:

▫️You run two hours, twice a day? Come on, really?

▫️He wants to quit school? Ah, come on! I can't believe it.


Just be straight-forward with me.

We usually use the phrase 'straight forward' to talk about moving forward in a straight line. It also means to be honest and direct. Notice the samples:

▫️Just be straight forward: do you have a crush on my new boyfriend?

▫️In some cultures, being straight forward with your opinions is impolite.


Assuming she will say yes.

When we assume someone will say yes, we think about the situation that follows. Here are two samples:

▫️Assuming your parents will say yes, we'll leave for the party about 8:00.

▫️I will ask my dad for some money. Assuming he will say yes, I'm gonna' buy a new iPad.

▪️Offensive to women

That can be offensive to women.

Something that is offensive causes negative feelings. Notice the following:

▫️His sexist comments were offensive to the women in the office.

▫️The short, skimpy cheerleader uniforms were offensive to some of the girls on the team.

▪️A date-date

It's not like a date-date.

Here, not like a 'date-date' means not like a serious date. Here are two samples:

▫️She sometimes translates documents for extra money. It's not like a job-job.

▫️I'm going to the Chagall exhibit with Mei. It's not like a date-date, we both just love art.
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Cambridge Guys 17 Aug, 08:35
🇺🇸George: Hey, Crystal, I need some advice yo!

🇺🇸Crystal: What's up, George?

George: So, there's this like red-headed girl in class and I kind of got a crush on her but ...

Crystal: Oooh!

George: Uuurr! But, yeah, I don't know, you know, how to ask her out. I don't even know if she knows my name, but yeah.

Crystal: Ah, come on!

George: You got any advice?

Crystal: I would personally just be natural and just go straight-forward?

George: Go straight-forward and ...

Crystal: And ask her out?

George: How I do that?

Crystal: I don't know. For my personal advice I think you should just go straight forward and say "Hi, my name is George" and give her an appearance.

George: Hold on. I'm gonna write this down.

Crystal: OK. And next step is "If you are free" oh, you always have to check if she's either married, or if she's a lesbian, or if she is single.

George: OK.

Crystal: So, number three is what you're looking for.

George: OK, number three.

Crystal: So, if she is single, just say, hey, how about we go out for a cup of coffee or something.

George: OK, coffee.

Crystal: And, yeah, that's how you get her.

George: So, yeah, what if she doesn't like coffee though? I mean, what else could we do we on a date? Assuming she will say yes. What's fun to do on a date anyway?

Crystal: Fun to do on a date! It's just the fact that you're being with her and just try to get to know her more.

George: Wait, wait, wait one second. Do I need to pay for this?

Crystal: I don't think you should pay on the first date. I think sometimes that can be offensive to women.

George: Oh, that's great because I'm totally broke.

Crystal: I think you should just ask her casually, not like a date-date, just say, "Hey, I would like to know you a little bit more, and just go out for a small little drink, like go to that new cafe that's open, like a lot of girls think that place is so cute. I think you should take her there.

George: But I think cafe's are boring.

Crystal: Cafe's are boring. Men! Women don't think so. This is the point. Write it down.
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Cambridge Guys 17 Aug, 08:30
🎧Class Crush

Crystal gives George female advice on how to ask out a woman he likes.

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Cambridge Guys 17 Aug, 06:28
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Cambridge Guys 16 Aug, 21:14

Paralympian Mallory Weggemann On Using Her Platform To Spark A Conversation

When Mallory Weggemann wheels out to the pool deck, her face remains friendly but mostly expressionless, her ears covered by pink headphones and her eyes staring forward toward her aqueous home. As she prepares to dive in, she forgets about how she got here—her leg weight disappearing following an epidural shot, a shower bench collapsing causing permanent injury to her left arm and the bureaucratic nightmares surrounding her Paralympic classification drift—for a few minutes at least, so she can swim...

After 2 freak accidents left Mallory Weggemann permanently disabled, she refocused her life to fight for disability representation all while chasing 2020 Paralympic gold !
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Cambridge Guys 16 Aug, 09:40
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Cambridge Guys 16 Aug, 09:40
🎧Expressions with the Word "Apple"

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Cambridge Guys 16 Aug, 09:40
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Cambridge Guys 16 Aug, 09:39
6 Minute BBC Podcasts
🎧 ( 2019 / 8 / 15 )

A new kind of money might be appearing soon - Libra from Facebook. Sam and Catherine discuss how different it is from Bitcoin, give you the basics about cryptocurrencies and teach you related vocabulary.

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Cambridge Guys 16 Aug, 09:39
For the second summer in a row, Toronto has seen an increase in gun violence: over the August long weekend, there were 14 shootings in the city. Joined by guests including University of Toronto sociology professor Jooyoung Lee and Louis March, founder of the Zero Gun Violence Movement, The Agenda looks at the reasons for the seasonal spike, what is being done to protect citizens, and how to develop long-term solutions.
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Cambridge Guys 16 Aug, 09:39
🎧Summer Gun Violence🔝The Agenda with Steve Paikin Podcasts
🌐 ( Canadian Accent )
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Cambridge Guys 16 Aug, 09:39
A new idea has emerged in the business world over the last few years: maybe employees should take time off whenever they feel like it, and get paid while they do it. Lila MacLellan from online business site Quartz explains why, with people ever more expected to be available around the clock on email, phone or in the office, it might be better to leave it to the worker to decide when they do and don’t need time off without having to justify it. Some companies have embraced this idea. Dr Amantha Imber at Inventium and Felicity Tregonning of Spacelab explain why their companies have decided to let employees take as much time off as they want. But not everybody is convinced. Ben Gateley explains why his company scrapped just such a scheme after seven years.
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