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60th Annual BGA Rankine Lecture

✳️ با تاخیر دو ساله و سه سال بعد از پنجاه و نهمین سخنرانی، در نهایت شصتمین سخنرانی رانکین توسط پروفسور Stephan Jefferis، استاد مدعو دانشگاه آکسفورد در 16 مارس 2022 انجام گرفت.

✳️ پروفسور Jefferis مدیر عامل شرکتی به نام Environmental Geotechnics Ltd (تاسیس شده در سال 1982) در انگلستان است و به عنوان استاد مدعو با دانشگاه آکسفورد نیز همکاری می نماید. ایشان سابقه ای 45 ساله در اجرای پروژه های مختلف در نقاط مختلف دنیا دارد و بر این اساس، عنوان سخنرانی ایشان برگرفته از تجربیاتش در خصوص موارد غیر معمول و غیر منتظره در مهندسی ژئوتکنیک بوده است.

✳️ عنوان سخنرانی شصتم رانکین The Unusual and the Unexpected in Geotechnical Engineering است.

✳️ Computational Geomechanics: Theory and Applications

✳️ By: Chan A.H.C., Pastor M., Schrefler B.A., Shiomi T., Zienkiewicz O.C.

✳️ Wiley, 2022 👇👇

practice of Constitutive Modeling for Saturated Soils

✳️ Practice of Constitutive Modeling for Saturated Soils

✳️ By: Yin, Z.-Y., Hicher, P.-Y. & Jin, Y.-F.

✳️ Springer, 2020 👇👇

✳️ Numerical Modeling of Soil Constitutive Relationship

✳️ By: Ren, Q. & Zhou, J.

✳️ Springer, 2021 👇👇

The Tower of Pisa, History, Construction and Geotechnical Stabilization

✳️ کتاب مختصر و جالبی در خصوص مسائل ژئوتکنیکی برج کج پیزا و ارائه روشی برای پایداری برج از طرف مولفین

✅ The Tower of Pisa
History, Construction and Geotechnical Stabilization
✅ By: J.B. Burland, M.B. Jamiolkowski,
N. Squeglia, C. Viggiani
✅ CRC Press,
Taylor & Francis, 2021 🏛

✳️ متن زیبای نوشته شده توسط دکتر بهزاد فتاحی، استاد دانشگاه صنعتی سیدنی استرالیا در تکریم دکتر سیاوش لیتکوهی (1400-1327)، از پیشگامان و اعضای برجسته انجمن مهندسی ژئوتکنیک ایران، که متاسفانه چند روز قبل در پی حادثه‌ای غم‌انگیز و ناگهانی، دار فانی را وداع گفتند.

✅ A Tribute to the late Dr. Siavash Litkouhi (1948 – 2021)

✅ I woke up to this terrible news of tragic loss of my great mentor and advisor, Dr. Siavash Litkouhi, who shaped my views on both professional and personal aspects of my life. He was so dear to me and hard to find people like him kind, intelligent, knowledgeable, impressive, fun and down to earth.

✅ Since young age I have been his real fan and looked up to him and enjoyed listening to him talking about leadership and engineering passionately, certainly he was a charismatic and influential figure. By the time I was in the high school, I knew I wanted to become Civil-Geotechnical Engineer just like him serving the community, designing and building engineering masterpieces. Dr. Litkouhi taught me to be a caring person and never avoid providing constructive feedback for improvement. He was lovingly firm and paid attention to details and believed that simple solutions can be found for the most challenging problems. I learned from him to believe in myself and not get distracted by branches hiding the main problem. Above all, he taught me the importance of finding my passion, having integrity and living a contented life.

✅ I remember when I started working with him 24 years ago, I soon began to learn from his values, perspectives and wealth of knowledge. He nurtured me to express my ideas and later on gave me the opportunity to work on some of the most challenging geotechnical projects from dam construction to grouting in alluvium to fixing settling foundations of an operating power plant to name few. You can imagine how excited you can be as a young engineer to be part of numerous challenging projects and learn every minute, and see yourself growing fast because of those opportunities and excellent mentorship. It was just last week I was talking to him and sought his expert opinion on practical aspects of a new ground improvement technique. I cherish this opportunity over many years to have direct access to him and learn from him.

✅ Depth of his knowledge in terms of engineering design and construction particularly in Geotechnical Engineering was impressive and he never hesitated to share with others. He was in forefront of new technologies and methods and certainly valued research with strong practical values. He had sincere passion in Geotech problem solving and since I joined academia I had discussed all my research ideas with him. Dr. Litkouhi was a true Guru in Geotechnical Engineering, and his passing is a great loss to international geotechnical community witnessing his students practicing in four corners of the world now.

✅ I have been very fortunate and blessed to have Dr. Litkouhi as my key mentor and I hope others never take people like him as granted when cross pathing. I certainly never did, and never will.

✅ Thank you for continuously inspiring us to strive for goals. You have left a true legacy behind. Rest in Peace Dr. Litkouhi.

Behzad Fatahi - November 2021, Sydney

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